Why The Stick is still the best massage roller.

Unparalleled worldwide success of The Stick, over a very long time, has encouraged many imitators trying to leverage from its name and success. "Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery!" 

We’ve been refining and perfecting the design of The Stick for the better part of three decades now. The original massage roller has thousands of fans all over the world, ranging from weekend warriors and everyday people to the most elite and highly-paid professional athletes in the world.The best athletes insist on it, and medical professionals recommend it. Here’s why.

  •  We make eleven different sizes and styles of The Stick. One to accommodate just about any body size and shape, and to effectively treat most any kind of muscle issue
  • The Stick’s core is of varying flexibility dependent on the model selected and continues to be the only flexible massager available. As the Stick flex’s, it contours to the muscle which allows you to treat a much larger area much more effectively and comfortably. The flexible core lets you apply a varying amount of pressure dependent on your own needs. Everyone has their own preference as to what feels and works best for them!
  • Our rollers are just the right size to give you just the right number of rotations in each backward and forward movement over the muscle. More rotations mean more effective treatment.
  • Because there are a whole row of small rollers instead of just one big one, you can bring your hands closer together, allowing you to pinpoint smaller areas very effectively. And our rollers are also designed to rock back and forth a little bit. This allows you to more easily find and release that painful trigger point. Big rollers that don’t bend just can’t do that.
  • The Stick core and rollers are made of a patented plastic material which means they flex for optimum effectiveness and comfort. With proper care your Stick will last a lifetime with materials being waterproof, resistant to dirt and grime and designed to provide comfort whilst withstanding pressure. Many of the imitators of The Stick present a rigid core and inferior materials which will ultimately leave the user disappointed



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