Marathon Stick

Marathon Stick
52cm - Flexible. A flexible Stick for the lean athlete,those with less muscle mass, more tender,or just prefer a lighter pressure (ideal for post exercise recovery). The Marathon Stick was first popularized by world-class distance runners. This is the favorite model of Bob Anderson, world’s foremost authority on stretching, and author of the best-seller,"Stretching". The flexible nature of the Marathon allows for pinpoint targetting of trigger points as the Stick contours to the muscle. The Marathon is a short stick particularly good for use on the limbs (legs, arms, neck). A great tool for runners, walkers, cyclists and triathletes.

The current model is a limited edition, honoring the Olympians 2018. It has contoured handles with an all white colour. It looks slightly different to the renowned yellow handle model but flexibilty, number of spindles and treating surface all identical.
NZ$ 52.50
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