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The Stick is used extensively throughout NZ, Australia and the elite sporting world. A large number of NZ representatives in cycling, rugby, hockey (Black Sicks both men and women), cricket, netball (Silver Ferns), athletics, and swimming now using it. A large number of these athletes use The Stick daily in their training regimes at high performance centres for both conditioning and recovery.

However, you do not need to be an elite athlete to benefit from a rejuvenating massage with The Stick! We have many users on a recreational level, who just wish to maintain their mobility and good health.


High Performance Sport NZ - North Island - "The Stick is used at the Academy as a training tool by athletes from a wide variety of sports."


Gordon McCauley - NZ cycling icon  - "I am interested in selling The Stick in my retail store at Silverdale. We specialise in bike fit and racing and 'The Stick' is a brilliant tool for recovery that I use myself."

Myron Simpson - NZ representative cyclist competing in Europe (2013) - "Almost all of my team-mates have had a go with my Stick and they really rate it. I  have been using it most days, keeping the legs in good nick!"

Cameron Brown - NZ Ironman Champion -  "I've had some good massages with it at home.When I get tight in the hami's or calfs I like to have a quick massage on the legs with it and I find it does help."

North Shore (Auckland, NZ) Swim Club -  "A great product used every day by our team in conjunction with our strength and conditioning programmes."

Andrew Stark (Christchurch, NZ) -  World Masters Track & Field Champs medallist "I was so impressed by how easy it was to use The Stick, I recommended it to fellow athletes within Canterbury Masters Athletics, as I knew we would all benefit from using one!"

Hurricanes Super 14 Rugby (NZ) - "We currently use the Stick for our players activation sessions which are completed before weights and all on-field sessions. The players are all actively encouraged to use the Sticks to help with their own self-massage programs outside of training hours too. I strongly recommend the use of the Stick for our athletes! - Stuart Paterson, Hurricanes Physiotherapist.

US Olympic Committee - Sports Medicine Division July 2004

"The Stick is used as a training tool by athletes at the 4 major US Olympic Training Centers"

Bob Anderson, Author of Bestseller...Stretching " - The Stick is the only body tool I have ever recommended for use on the calf of an elite athlete."

Loren Seagrave, Sprint and Hurdle Events IAAF Level II World Coaching - Education Program - "Our athletes use The Stick to get the most out of their training, prevent injury and optimise their performance. You should too."

Other Unsolicited Feedback

Rachel, Waikanae - Jan 2021: I've had my stick since 2009 and love it - this one is for my 85 year-old mother who has found it relieves her cramp. Thank you.

Jane, Winton - Sep 2020:Through my massage therapist here in Winton, she lent me one of hers to use for a while and it's great!

Sean, Taupo - My mate reckons they are the best thing since sliced bread and even his physio told him they are gold and all he needs to do rehab on his leg issues.

Gaven, Perth - This is a great product!!  For someone who develops legs muscles (& cramps & over-use injuries) very quickly, I use this as often as possible especially before bed. The big thing I notice is after a hard run or ride when my legs (especially bottom of the calves) are quite sore - I wake up & barely feel like I've had a run. For something so simple - for once something does as is advertised. 

Natalie, Auckland - I am a physiotherapist from NZ who has recently tried the stick and loved it. I work at two different sports clinics and our population of clients include elite sprinters, competitive marathon runners, cross fitters and gym goers. I think the stick would be a useful tool for us to offer these patients

Peter, Auckland -  was interested to read a report from one of last years competitors that using the Stick and wearing compression gear were majors in getting him through...hope you saw the article in the new NZ Road Cycling mag, a great advert for your product

Murray, Wellington - thanks for the prompt sending of my stick!  ordered Sunday night received Tuesday! Have been using for a few days now and have had immediate benefits. Have been struggling with achilles pain for a considerable time.  Giving achilles and calves a good going over each day has been terrific! thanks again!

Sam, Tauranga - I just want to let you know I received the stick in working order. So thanks for the awesome service. I had a go last night. It is so much easier to use than any other massaging tools I've used..  and wow it can go deep to!! Its great! I think there might be a couple of others from work contacting you soon.

Jason, Queensland - Thanks heaps for that. I borrowed a friends on the weekend and it was awesome, so I just had to get me one.

Liam, Auckland - I'm a bit of a long term user already, found my first stick in London.  Have been using it for a few years particularly for trigger points in my forearms with what used to be a very problematic RSI issue at work, and then I took my stick to an Underwater Hockey worlds last year for our team to use and it got left behind afterwards so needed a replacement. Great product,  Cheers

Tom, Dunedin - Been looking for these for a while in NZ, I'd seen members of the USA Bobsled team using them when I was there in about 2009 but had no idea what they were called and finally stumbled across your website today!

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