The Stick is a self massage tool to help you relieve tight muscles, improve flexibility and mobility, prevent injury and enhance recovery from exercise. The Stick is easy to use, very effective and has been tested, proven and acclaimed worldwide for over 20 years with numerous awards and recommendations. 

   Smile  Relieves tight muscles

   Smile  Increases strength, flexibility, endurance

   Smile  Enhances muscle recovery

   Smile  Prevents injury and assists rehabilitation

   Smile  Trigger point therapy for the whole body

The Stick remains the best and only flexible hand held massage tool in the market. We stock it here in NZ to help keep kiwi's active and to enhance their physical well being! Used extensively at high performance centres and by NZ representatives in a wide variety of sports.

The unique and patented rolling action of The Stick simultaneously compresses, stretches and warms the muscle, removing any trigger points and increases circulation with new blood flow. The flexible nature of the Stick and differing lengths to suit individual needs makes it the best choice. This simple therapeutic action is the help you need to make your muscles feel and work better, 24 hours a day!

The Stick is just like having your own personal massage therapist all day, every day. You do not need to be an elite athlete to enjoy a rejuvenating massage with The Stick. Easily used over the entire body, The Stick keeps the whole family mobile, free from pain and injury and therefore able to reap the benefits of keeping active.

The most beneficial times to use The Stick are

Pre exercise to warm the muscle and ensure ultimate strength and flexibility

Post exercise to relax the muscle, promote new blood flow and enhance muscle recovery

First thing in the morning and last thing at night to prepare, relax and rejuvenate

Just anytime your muscles feel tight, sore or just plain tired!

The Stick is very compact so will slide into your gear bag for the utmost convenience. As opposed to other release mediums (rollers, balls) you can very precisely monitor the pressure applied without having to contort the body to utilise body weight pressure. Treatment is correspondingly done in a much more effective, comfortable and convenient position!

The Stick can be used over the entire body and with proper care will last you a lifetime! At less than the cost of a single session with a professional therapist, it is the preferred tool for those who choose to have 'happy muscles'.

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